We have three cemented production line with daily production capacity of 3000 pair of finished shoe’s per day. (cemented) We have five dip injection machine with daily production capacity of 5000 pairof finished shoe’s.(dip) Royal footwear has 65 station pu pouring/injection machine with daily capacity of 2500 pairof finished shoe’s.(pu) Boot DMS production unit with daily capacity of 500 pair. It’s specially designed for police and army boot. Cutting department of royal has the daily capacity of 13,000 pairs. Cutting department lamination capacity for 20,000 pairs per day. We have both water and solvent base system. Sewing department of royal has the daily capacity of 12,000 pairs.

    Our Exclusive Productions

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    Key Resources

    Power Technology

    800kva own electricity power capacity with the supporting power of 1300 KVA generating system as stand by perking diesel generator.

    Factory Human Resources

    Management team of 95 persons, worker is 1500 & other support staff is of 100 persons.

    Head Office Human Resources

    Total team of 20 persons with commercial & finance team.